Membership in the Australian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders is open to all men and women who are currently engaged in apostolic ministry within Australia. ACAL is intended to be a professional society where confirmed apostolic leaders are able to connect and relate to each other.

Yearly dues are paid by members of ACAL for the purpose of financing the administrative activities of the coalition in Australia. A portion of these dues are sent to ICAL’s International Office to support its work. Individual members of ACAL are automatically given full membership in ICAL.

Membership Procedure

  1. Membership is granted only by official invitation from the National Convenor and Council of ACAL. All prospective members are asked to complete a membership request form which can then be forwarded to the National office.
  2. Invitation to ACAL requires nominations to be made and seconded by any two current and active members.
  3. Invitation to ACAL also requires the written testimony of at least two people who look to the nominee as a person who provides apostolic leadership according to the aforementioned ACAL definition of an Apostolic Leader.
  4. All application forms must be completed along with payment of annual membership dues when a person is accepted for membership. It is understood that 25% of the membership fee will be forwarded to ICAL and all members of ACAL automatically become members of ICAL.
  5. While ACAL is not intended to be a training ground for emerging apostolic leaders, we acknowledge and value raising up apprentices in apostolic ministry. Members are encouraged to invite and accompany their protégés to ACAL events.
  6. Ongoing membership in ACAL is strictly voluntary and will be considered ongoing unless a member removes himself/herself from participation or is asked to withdraw by the National Council for moral reasons or by lack of participation or support.
  7. ACAL membership dues of $350 per annum are to be paid in July of each year. Membership dues are separate to any additional registration fees for ACAL conferences or events.

Download the ACAL Membership Application Form.