What We Are Trying To Achieve: The AIM Strategy

The goal of the Australian Coalition is to connect apostolic leaders with wisdom and resources so each member can be more effective in their sphere of influence. To accomplish this requires vision and strategy.

A = Acknowledge

ACAL provides a forum where apostolic leaders can connect and acknowledge each other. We believe relationship is the basis of trust. Apostolic leaders don’t have to agree on everything to be connected. They don’t have to sacrifice their vision, values and calling in order to be aligned with each other. We do, however, need to acknowledge one another and appreciate each other’s work if we are to advance God’s Kingdom in our nation.

I = Instruct

ACAL provides common instruction on the meaning and practice of apostolic ministry. Our close links with Australian and International Apostolic Leaders provides cutting edge teaching and resources to equip and empower our members.

M = Measure

This means two things: 1) ACAL provides a minimum standard by which apostles and other apostolic leaders are measured. One major concern worldwide is a lack of true understanding of apostolic ministry. ICAL provides us with a Biblical measure for gifting and character. 2) We need to develop measurable outcomes to determine our effectiveness in ministry. Outcomes will vary according to our sphere of endeavour.