Vision & Structure


The goal of the Australian Coalition is to connect apostolic leaders with wisdom and resources so each member can be more effective in their sphere of influence. To accomplish this requires vision and strategy.

  • RESTORE the church to the mission and method of the way of Jesus and the apostles
  • RECONCILIATION between ethnic leaders and churches
  • REVIVE the church to expand Kingdom influence
  • REFORMATION of society and discipling the nations

In addition to the above 4R Vision, we see as our priorities to:

  • Identify and affirm Australian apostolic leaders who have the gift of equipping the saints for the work of ministry
  • Build and strengthen relationships between apostolic leaders
  • Develop strategies to establish Kingdom of God values and influence within every sphere of Australian society

Structure of ACAL

ACAL is apostolically led and prophetically influenced.

ACAL is led by National Convenors, John and Alaine McElroy, together with a group of Australian Apostolic leaders in both the church and marketplace from across the nation. Together they form the National ACAL Council.

Members of the National Council also serve as Convenors of Regional Leadership Groups. Each Regional Group determines the frequency and content of meetings. The purpose of each group is to foster relationship, support, fellowship, prayer and implementing the AIM Strategy.

ACAL also hosts an Annual Summit in March in varying locations around the nation. This provides a forum for fellowship, cutting edge input, and reporting on our progress in Australia.

ACAL uses available technology: internet, blogs, online videos and other means to allow communication and interaction between leaders, networks, and apostolic equippers.